Monday, December 1, 2008

Ehow Series #1 - How Does It Work?

Well like I said in my introduction I have made a good deal of money online already. I am going to document how I grow this, and share how I do this with my readers. One of the Major resources I use is a site called ( Link to my articles).

With ehow, you write "how to" articles and get paid based on the amount of traffic that clicks on adds in your articles. The way I was successful was writing articles on things I am knowledgeable on and writing more in the fields that were yielding me more money. In more recent times, I have figured out how to use Affiliate accounts to boos my earnings through the roof from these articles.

Want proof? Here is a screen shot of my earnings to date.

They pay directly to you Paypal account, usually within the first few days of the month. I use this money to be transfered from my paypal into a high yield online savings account. Once an article is written, I get money from it for hypothetically forever, and then earn interest on it. This effect compounding is one of my basic early retirement strategies.

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